IPA offer a one stop shop for print and post. Save time and money - simply submit your artwork to us in a print ready pdf format to the required specifications below, two weeks in advance of the scheduled posting date and we take it from there. Posters are delivered to the IPA stores and prepped for posting.


You can opt to have your own printer print and deliver to IPA. Please adhere to specs below and ensure posters are printed on 115gram blue back paper suitable to wet rolling, pasting and posting outdoor. If in doubt always contact us for advice. Self-Printed posters should be delivered on the Tuesday or Wednesday of the week prior to the campaign commencement date to facilitate preparation. Delivery is to our stores at Broombridge Business Centre, Bannow Rd., Dublin 7


All outdoor posters should be printed on 115grm Blue Back poster paper.

Quad Posters

Landscape Poster

30 inches high x 40 inches wide (1,016 mm wide x 762mm high). Add 8mm bleed.

Keep all text 1½ inches in from the edge of the poster.

60 x 40 Posters

Portrait Poster
40 inches wide x 58.5 inches high (1,016 mm wide x 1,524mm high). Add 8mm bleed.
Keep all text 1½ inches in from the edge of the poster.

12-Sheet Posters

Landscape Poster
60 inches high x 120 inches wide (3,048 mm wide x 1,524mm high). Add 8mm bleed.  Keep all text 1½ inches in from the edge of the poster.

  • Artwork must be provided as a print and proof ready PDF at 150dpi @ 100%

  • Please keep all artwork and text within 1 ½ inches from the parameters of the poster.

  • On self-print please ensure 12 sheets are printed in three 60x40 sections, with a bleed for overlapping to facilitate rolling and posting.

  • We require spares for each campaign to cover any damages, which may occur over the course of the campaign, approximately 10% spares for each week of the campaign.

  • We are here to offer advice on what works best in our experience, should you require.

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